• Scientific Program

  • The detailed schedule of presentations:

    The program in pdf can be downloaded HERE

    Please be aware that the schedule is still subject to change.


    Invited Speakers


    Dr. Miha Krofel: Golden Jackal expansion in Europe - Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


    Dr. Claudia Fugazza: Do as I do - perspectives of canine cognition in imitation paradigms - Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary.


    Dr. Juliane Kaminski: The comparative aspects of canine cognition - University of Portsmouth, UK.


    Prof. Anna V. Kukekova: Genetics of domesticated behavior in red foxes - ANSC, Illionis, US.


    Prof. Greger Larson: Dual origins of the domestic dog - genomic and archeologic evidences - University of Oxford, UK.


    Prof. David Reby: Vocal communication between dogs and humans - University of Sussex, UK.


    Dr. Nicola Rooney: Working dog welfare – optimising selection, breeding, rearing, training and performance - University of Bristol, UK


    Prof. Bridgett M. vonHoldt Everyone in the world is my friend: The genetics of hyper-sociability in canines - Princeton University, New Jersey, US


    Special guest

    Our special keynote speaker: Elaine A. Ostrander, Ph.D. What molecular genetics can offer to applied canine behavioral research? - Chief & NIH Distinguished Investigator, National Human Genome Research Institute



    Early Career Scientist Award Winner: Dr. Charlotte Duranton Behavioural synchronization and affiliation: dogs exhibit human-like social skills - Ethodog, Research in Canine Ethology


    Round Table

    With the contribution of three leading scientists from the field of canine-related molecular genetic research - Prof. Bridgett M. VonHoldt, Prof. Anna V. Kukekova and Prof. Greger Larson - we organize a special round-table discussion that will be introduced and moderated by Prof. Ádám Miklósi.

    We also have the luck and honor that our special guest, Prof. Elaine Ostrander will open the discussion with a keynote talk titled "What molecular genetics can offer to applied canine behavioral research?".

      Following this, the main topics of the roundtable will cover issues such as:
    • Is there a consensus as to where and when dogs originate?
    • Are mixed breed dogs (or mongrels) healthier than purebreds?
    • Recently the genetic background of some diseases has been revealed. But how close are we to reveal genes that significantly contribute to different complex behavioral traits, such as boldness, separation anxiety, or some types of aggression.
    • The vast majority of dogs worldwide are of mixed heritage. Is it really possible to tell what specific breeds mutts (not mixed breeds) have in their ancestry? We may well expect no pure bred ancestors in some cases… What about feral dogs in this respect?
    • What do experts think about directional selection for interspecific communicative skills to develop a modern 'breed' with high capacity of social understanding of humans?


    Social events

    Welcome reception

    July 3rd, 2018

    Welcome Reception will be held for all registered participants at the conference venue.

    Price: included in the registration fee

    Wine and Cheese Party

    July 4th, 2018

    Wine and cheese: delightful on their own, unforgettable together! Great food and amazing friends is all you need for a memorable evening. Join us to this pleasant event at the ELTE Botanical Garden – so called “Füvészkert” -, the oldest botanical garden of Hungary. The garden flaunting more than 7000 plant species has been a nature conservation area since 1960 nationwide, and part of the Cultural Heritage since 2006.

    Price: 25 EUR/person

    Conference Dinner

    July 5th, 2018

    Banquet Dinner of the CSF2018 conference will be held for all registered participants.

    Details coming soon

    Price: included in the registration fee


    Optional programs

    Participants/Accompanying persons of the meeting have the possibility to join to several sightseeing tours in Budapest or at the countryside. Tours will be offered daily in the indicated timeslots. Please indicate your request in the online registration system.

    Sightseeing Danube boat cruises day&night

    Without pick up service

    Duration: 1 hour

    Departure times (daytime cruises): 11:00, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00

    A pleasant time on board of our panoramic boat, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda and Pest and an optional 1 hour 30 minutes free time on Margaret Island.

    The tour includes 30-language audio-guide, 2 glasses of drink.

    Price: 15 EUR/person

    Departure times (evening cruises): 20:15, 21:00, 21:30

    You are invited for an hour’s panoramic boat ride at night. Glass in hand you will be able to experience how the legends of Budapest come alive. Look behind the walls of the Royal Palace, the Parliament, the bridges, and other splendid sights all bathed in light.

    The tour includes 30-language film- and audio-guide, 1 glass of drink.

    Price: 20 EUR/person

    Prices of the following tours include also a pick up service 30 minutes before the departure time.

    Parliament visit

    Departure: at 9:30 or 13:15

    Duration: 1,5 hours

    Take the opportunity to visit the magnificent neogothic House of Parliament, the 3rd biggest parliament in the whole world, and the biggest, most expensive building in Hungary. After a walk around the building, continue with an interior visit with guidance through the splendid session room and the impressive staircase. The tour ends at the Parliament.

    Attention! Passport or ID card is requested at entrance!

    • for EU citizens: 25 EUR/person
    • for non EU citizens: 40 EUR/person

    Grand City Tour

    Departure: at 10:00 or 11:00 or 14:30

    Duration: 3 hours

    Are you ready to discover Budapest? We are prepared to show you the Hungarian capital in 3 hours so get ready to engaged by this city. The Heroes Square, the State Opera House, the Hungarian Parliament, the Royal Palace and the Citadel (photostop) cannot wait for you to see them. The buses are air-conditioned and live guided. During the Grand City Tour we will take you for a walk in the Castle District to enjoy its unique medieval atmosphere and get carried away in history. The tour ends at the city center.

    Price: 25 EUR/person

    Parliament and Grand City Tour

    Departure: at 9:30 or 13:15

    Duration: 4,5 hours

    Take the opportunity to visit the magnificent neogothic House of Parliament and then continue with the Grand City Tour.

    Attention! Passport or ID card is requested at entrance!

    • for EU citizens: 45 EUR/person
    • for non EU citizens: 60 EUR/person

    Royal Tour

    Departure: at 9:00

    Duration: 4 hours

    Everybody wants to have peek into a real palace. With us you get the possibility to see the beautifully renovated Gödöllő castle, the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth, commonly known as Sissi. You’ll be able to walk through the same hallways, staircases and the park of this amazing baroque building as the beloved princess.The tour ends at the city center of Budapest.

    Price: 40 EUR/person

    Danube Bend Tour

    Departure: at 9:00

    Duration: 9,5 hours

    An excursion into Hungary’s history along the Blue Danube. Enjoy the remarkable city of Esztergom (center of the Catholic religion), the antique town of Visegrád (with the former Royal Residence)) and the magical Artists’ Village Szentendre in just one day! During the tour we’ll show you Esztergom from another point of view: photostop in Slovakia. The tour includes also a 3 course lunch in Visegrád. At the end of the day get ready to float back to Budapest by boat. The tour ends at the pier in Budapest city center.

    Price: 70 EUR/person

    Lake Balaton Tour

    Departure: at 9:00

    Duration: 10 hours

    Travel with us to see the largest freshwater lake of Central Europe, Lake Balaton. Our first stop is Balatonfüred which is a lovely small town on the north shore of Lake Balaton. We invite you for a short city sightseeing with a nostalgia train”. Before a one-hour cruise on the Lake Balaton, you will have time to walk along the picturesque promenade and have something to eat. (lunch not included) Next, we drive to Tihany Peninsula, which has been declared one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This area is rich in special natural and architectural values. Here you can enjoy the unique view of Balaton (photo stop). Then you will have the opportunity to visit the Abbey of Tihany, founded in 1055 by the Hungarian King, András. Finally we return to Budapest, the tour ends at your hotel.

    Price: 70 EUR/person

    Puszta Tour

    Departure: at 9:00

    Duration: 8 hours

    Spend an unforgettable day in the Puszta. Our first stop is in Kecskemét (the capital of Puszta), where you can enjoy a guided stroll among the main sights and historical buildings (Town Hall) of the city. Than our journey takes you to an authentic Hungarian horse ranch (’Csárda’) where you are greeted by a traditional strong spirit, so called Pálinka. Before the lunch (3 course lunch with drinks) you can experience a horse carriage ride and enjoy the unique horse show. The tour ends in Budapest at your hotel.

    Price: 70 EUR/person