• What is the Canine Science Forum?

    The Canine Science Forum is a interdisciplinary Forum that brings together scientists with different expertise on Canines. It is held biannually since 2008 and it is the main international meeting devoted to the biology, ecology and behaviour of dogs, wolves and related canids.

    Aims and scope

    Through enhancing communication between various fields, the Canine Science Forum aims at substantiating canine biology in order to develop it as a major model for biological investigations. The canine science forum also intends to utilize science as a source of knowledge to promote:

    • Consolidation of an interdisciplinary field of canine biology
    • Better integration of dogs in our rapidly changing modern society
    • Dog science that develops non-invasive research technologies (good scientific practice)

    The Canine Science Forum is also aimed to spread information on the advantageous roles of dogs in our society and thus increase their well-being

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    Want to participate at the CSF 2018?

    July 3-6. 2018, Budapest

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